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Study: 2/3 Of Mobile Users Have Tried Sexting

According to the results of a study recently conducted by the Kinsey Institute of Indiana University (jointly done with Clue, a women’s health startup firm based in Berlin, Germany), 67 percent of the polled participants have claimed that they have tried sexting somebody.

Parents’ Guide To Texting Codes Used By Teenagers

Like any other mom or dad of a normal teenage son or daughter, you are probably flummoxed or at a total loss when decoding some of the codes used by your kid when he or she is texting. Well, a recent report published by CBS New York sheds some light on the matter, and it turns out some of the messages texted by teens actually have interesting (and even disturbing) meanings.

Facebook Now Exploring SMS Integration For Messenger; Introducing Support For Multiple Accounts

According to the world’s most popular social media platform, it is already exploring a way in which mobile users can receive, read, and reply to their SMS driven conversations within the Facebook Messenger app for smartphones and tablet devices. If this feature is deployed widely, it will be made optional to users, basically serving as a new option especially for those who want to try something other than their default text messaging application, and consequently, increase usage time on Facebook Messenger. 


Has Teen Texting Behavior Become Akin To Compulsive Gambling?

It is sort of a common sight these days -- a teenager glued to his or her smartphone, busy text messaging somebody. But what is starting to become disturbing is that when you interrupt a teenager texting, the youngster seems to snap always or most of the time; or begins to actually lack sleep because of texting; or starts to lose track of chores or homework because of too much texting. 


FCC’s New Rules Makes It Harder For Companies To Send Unwanted Messages

With the new rules that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put in place, it is now increasingly difficult for companies to send unwanted marketing messages to people's mobile devices. Under these new rules, mobile users now have expanded options in unsubscribing or blocking marketing messages or pre-recorded telemarketing phone calls.


Blackberry’s BBM Now Has Message Retraction And Timed Messages

Blackberry recently introduced an improved version of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the instant messenger and videotelephony app built in BlackBerry devices. The updated BBM now comes with new features that include message retraction, timed messages, and HD picture transfer, just to name a few.


Reduce Data and Text Messaging Bill

Don’t Overspend on Data and Text Services. Cut your data and text messaging bills.This is the first in a series of suggestions to help you reduce your cell phone bill.

Save on Text Messaging

Do you text message? If you do, and you aren't on a text messaging plan with your carrier (or have free messaging as part of your rate plan), you are likely wasting money. This is the case even if you are sending or receiving just one text message a day. If you are sending & receiving just 4 messages a day, you could be overpaying to the tune of $200 per year.

MyRatePlan has just launched a new text plan calculator. Try it out... it only takes about 15 seconds and could save you a lot of money.