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Verizon Wireless Makes Changes To Its Early Termination Policy

If you are an existing customer of Verizon Wireless and is due for an upgrade on your two-year agreement, you might want to know: any two-year agreement that is signed beginning today will come with an updated early termination clause.


The base early termination fee (ETF) amounting to $350 will be unchanged. However, that is not the worse part. The bad news is that unless you are already 8 months into your contract, the ETF will not start decreasing. 


Cell Phone Termination Fees

We’ve created a new tool to let consumers calculate the termination fee associated with their cell phone contract. The calculator takes into account variables such as contract period, carrier and device type to customize an answer specific to each person’s situation. You can try out the early termination fee calculator on the site or see the termination fee schedules of all four national carriers.