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Verizon Wireless Makes Changes To Its Early Termination Policy

If you are an existing customer of Verizon Wireless and is due for an upgrade on your two-year agreement, you might want to know: any two-year agreement that is signed beginning today will come with an updated early termination clause.


The base early termination fee (ETF) amounting to $350 will be unchanged. However, that is not the worse part. The bad news is that unless you are already 8 months into your contract, the ETF will not start decreasing. 


T-Mobile Updates Smartphone Data Plans

T-Mobile has updated their smartphone data plan tiers, as well as some of their voice plans.

CellularSouth Pays Your Termination Fee

CellularSouth, a regional carrier offering nationwide service for subscribers based in Memphis, most of Mississippi and the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Northwest Florida, is running an innovative promotion where they will pay the contract termination fee (up to $200) for a new subscriber who breaks their existing contract with another carrier to sign up for service with them.

AT&T Increases Termination Fees on Smartphone and iPhone

**Update June 1:   The list of advanced devices that incur the higher $325 termination fee has now been published by AT&T

Verizon Quietly Cuts the Number of Phones Subject to $350 Termination Fee

Verizon has apparently reduced the number of phones subject to the $350 early termination fee for advanced devices.  This termination fee, double the standard $175, was added for new contracts and renewals associated with these devices as of November 15, 2009.   The current list appears to be limited to smartphones (including BlackBerry and Android devices) and netbooks. A review of a prior version of the schedule showed that as of last Friday this list contained a number of multimedia devices such as the LG enV Touch and Samsung Rogue.