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Satellite TV

Your guide to watching the 2018 World Cup

Soccer (also known as football across the globe, except for America) is considered by many as the world’s most popular sport, and every four years, the beautiful game reaches fever pitch through the FIFA World Cup. For the 2018 edition of this glorious tournament, Russia will be playing host for a whole month, starting on June 14th until July 15th of this year. Okay, it is a major bummer that the United States did not qualify for this summer’s event, but that does not mean that people can’t enjoy watching the games. So here goes …

Cable and Satellite TV

How Do You Fix a Buzzing TV?

Fixing a buzzing TV is a problem that most American homeowners have at some point, and you must be aware of signs your TV is going bad. This article explores why your TV may be making those noises.

DIRECTV One Week Promotion

Save $240 ($20/month for 12 months) on most packages, plus get 30 premium movie channels free for 3 months.  This is probably one of the most attractive DIRECTV offers ever, so if you’ve been thinking about 

Imus Returns to TV, but You'll Need Satellite TV to See Him

Don Imus will return on December 3rd, broadcasting his morning show on WABC-AM in New York. Eventually, Citadel Broadcasting, the owners of WABC, will likely syndicate the show to other radio stations around the country.

Imus is also returning to TV on December 3rd. His radio show, formerly simulcast on MSNBC, will now be on RFD-TV. Self-billed as "Rural America's Most Important Network", RFD serves up a variety of programming related to farming, ranching and other interests of rural America.

Digital TV Transition Signed into Law

The date is finally set.... February 17th 2009. On that date, over the air broadcast networks (e.g., NBC) will stop broadcasting analog TV signals and return those frequencies to the government. These frequencies will be partially auctioned off for use in new technologies, and partially set aside for improved communication between public safety agencies.

163 Down, 47 to Go

You may recall (although we're not sure why anyone would) that a couple years back, when Dish Network and DIRECTV were trying to merge, one of the reasons they gave the Feds was that it would let them add more local market broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, etc.) -- something they were unable to do as separate entities.

Well, the merger was turned down and, miraculously, the companies have still found the ability to add these networks. Local networks are now available in 163 of the 210 markets in the U.S.

Interactive Satellite System Builders

If you're considering satellite TV, here's a couple cool new tools you can use to configure your system, one for Dish Network and one for DIRECTV.