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Sprint Gets Caught Charging Extra for Having Bad Credit

The Federal Trade Commission has announced that Sprint will be forced to pay nearly $3 million in penalties due to the company's mishandling of a program that charges a fee to customers with lower credit scores.


MasterCard Mobile App To Facilitate Payments Via Selfies

It may sound crazy, but it is actually already in the works. MasterCard is currently developing a mobile that will let users pay for products or services with a selfie. 


The credit card company is indeed working on a mobile app that makes extensive use of facial recognition software for the purpose of verifying the identity of users when facilitating payments. Basically, users download the app onto their mobile device, and then be able to pay for stuff by simply pointing their mobile device’s camera to their face, and then blinking once. 


Discover Announces New 5% Q2 Cash Back Categories for the Discover it Card

Today Discover announced the new 5% cash back categories for Discover it cardholders. The Discover it Card offers a 5% Cash Back Bonus® to all cardholders in categories that rotate each quarter throughout the year.