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Is The Cost Of Owning A Smartphone Getting Too High?

Almost two thirds of the total number of phone subscribers living within the United States own a smartphone. But it appears that owning a smartphone is beginning to become some sort of a hassle for users, with many people feeling that they are struggling to afford the costs of owning one. Others are even starting to think that instead of improving their lives, smartphones are actually disrupting them. Well, at least according to a study.


Free 411 Directory Assistance

The cell phone companies make directory assistance almost effortless…dial 411… get the information… and get connected automatically.   Of course, if someone paid you $1.79 (Sprint, T-Mobile) or $1.99 (AT&T, Verizon) for each 411 call, you’d make it easy for them to connect as well.

Directory assistance charges can really add up:  10 calls a month comes out to over $200 a year.