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AT&T to launch $15 per month TV streaming service

After officially announcing that it has completed its $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T has now revealed its plans of introducing a $15 per month sports-free TV streaming service that will focus on Time Warner’s Turner collection of channels, which include CNN, TBS, TNT (but with no basketball -- because the whole set up is sports-free), and even Cartoon Network. But there is no HBO though.

Your guide to watching the 2018 World Cup

Soccer (also known as football across the globe, except for America) is considered by many as the world’s most popular sport, and every four years, the beautiful game reaches fever pitch through the FIFA World Cup. For the 2018 edition of this glorious tournament, Russia will be playing host for a whole month, starting on June 14th until July 15th of this year. Okay, it is a major bummer that the United States did not qualify for this summer’s event, but that does not mean that people can’t enjoy watching the games. So here goes …

Cable and Satellite TV

AT&T’s DirecTV Now rolls out cloud DVR feature

DirecTV Now, the over the top (OTT) video streaming offering that was launched by AT&T back in November of 2016, has now started rolling out its cloud DVR (digital video recorder) feature.

Hulu Debuts $40 Per Month Live TV Offering

Hulu has formally started offering the beta version of its live TV service, which provides consumers access to over 50 channels for a price of $39.99 a month. The list of channels will include familiar options such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and local affiliates, together with ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, FX, and USA Network, just to name a few content providers. 

HBO Go Is Now Compatible With Apple’s Single Sign-On Feature

The iPhone maker has now included HBO Go to its list of TV streamers that come with support for Apple’s single sign-on feature. For those who want to read the full list, you can head to this official Apple support page, or scroll down below at the end of this post. 

MVPD Services You Should Check Out

Since February of last year, at least five virtual multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) services have been introduced. Granted, some of these are still in their testing stages, but there are a number that are already made widely available for consumers. With an approach that sticks to the basics in delivering video content to customers, these MVPD services look to threaten pay TV services which rely on customer premises equipment (CPE), truck rolls, and credit checks. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Did Peel Just Turn The Apple Watch Into A Universal Remote Control?

Like Hulu, yet another third party is trying to turn the Apple Watch into more than just a wearable device. Peel, a manufacturer of smart remotes, has just debuted a universal remote control mobile app designed to be used on Apple’s one and only smartwatch (so far).

Is Your Cable Company Using Metered Data?

When cell phone service providers first introduced data plans, everyone had an unlimited amount to use each month for a single, equal charge. Currently, there are cellphone data tiers that users must choose for their particular plan to access the Internet on-the-go. This same concept is being introduced by several cable companies for their household broadband access. Consumers will pay for a certain amount of data each month based on their needs. This new billing strategy is actually beneficial for every party involved when it is analyzed from several different angles.

Facebook, Apple, & Netflix Seek Rights for Live Broadcasts

Watching TV shows online means waiting a day, avoiding spoilers and missing out on live-tweeting. Perhaps not for much longer.

CBS Corp. Chief Executive Officer Les Moonves told Bloomberg TV on Thursday that his network is in talks with Apple, Netflix and Facebook about bringing live television events online. He said the deal with Apple will “probably” be reached, although he is not certain when.

Are Cable And Mobile Companies Going To Converge In The Future?

Although there's a growing trend among US consumers for "cutting the cord" and giving up on cable TV service, cable companies are here to stay. Cable providers now get more revenue from broadband service than traditional cable TV. They're already a crucial part of how America accesses the Internet. Is a move into the world of wireless communications their next step?