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Unlimited Showdown: Sprint And T-Mobile Introduce Competing Unlimited Plans On The Same Day

Let the battle begin. Two major US wireless carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile, have just introduced competing new unlimited data options for their respective customers, especially those who are okay with the idea of watching video content at lower quality. The good news is that the carriers’ new plans are cheaper than the usual $95 per month that each mobile operator charges for unlimited data.


Mobile Operators Prepare To Handle Heavy Wireless Data At DNC

A week ago, Republican supporters consumed Super Bowl level loads at the Republican National Convention (RNC) held in the city of Cleveland in Ohio. This week, the same thing is likely to happen in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, where the Democratic National Convention will take place. Wireless carriers, however, are ready to handle all that mobile data.


Net Neutrality Supporters Urging FCC To Take Action Against Zero-Rating Offers

Now that the United States Court of Appeals has upheld the net neutrality rules imposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over a year ago, advocates of those rules are demanding that the agency take immediate action in addressing zero rating deals offered by various broadband and wireless companies. 


Samsung Galaxy On5, Galaxy Tab E Now On T-Mobile

T-Mobile has teamed up with Samsung in order to debut a couple of new Galaxy mobile devices -- the Galaxy On5 smartphone and the Galaxy Tab E tablet. Both devices come with budget friendly prices, and should help in giving subscribers of T-Mobile a more expanded range of device choices that are affordable. 


Uncarrier 11: T-Mobile Now Giving Users A Chance To Own Shares In The Company, Plus Freebies

T-Mobile has just held its latest Uncarrier event (the 11th by latest count), and gamely took the opportunities to unleash a few announcements.

Twilio Launches Programmable Wireless In Partnership With T-Mobile

It was almost a decade ago when Twilio first entered the telecommunications market. Founded in 2007, the company offered a range of features that transformed core communications services once held by wireless carriers, such as text messaging and mobile phone numbers, into application program interface (API) based tools that any developer can personalize and take full advantage of in using a specific mobile app or website. 


FCC, FTC To Phone Makers And Wireless Carriers: Deploy Fixes Faster

Regulating bodies in the United States now want to gather more information about how phone makers and wireless carriers go about dealing with security issues in mobile devices. At the same time, the feds want to know why fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities take too darned long be deployed. Indeed, both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have sent letters of inquiries to more than a dozen firms, collecting data about how mobile manufacturers and network operators handle security updates.


T-Mobile, Sprint Get To Benefit With FCC’s Vote To Reform Special Access Lines

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted (3 to 2) to proceed with reforms of special lines. This move by the FCC looks to be beneficial to a couple of major US wireless carriers -- T-Mobile and Sprint -- and may even preempt price hikes in light of the upcoming commercial deployment of 5G networks.


Wells Fargo: T-Mobile Only Major Network To Register Postpaid Net Phone Gains In 1st Quarter

According to analysts of Wells Fargo Securities, T-Mobile is looking to be the only major US wireless carrier to post some growth in postpaid net phone additions during the first quarter of this year. Wells Fargo predicts that the third biggest wireless carrier in the United States will register 1.4 million net new users, marking a 12th straight quarter in which it managed over 1 million net additions.


HTC 10 Smartphone To Be Offered By Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint; But Not By AT&T

HTC has officially announced its newest flagship device, the HTC 10. As can be expected of any major smartphone release from the Taiwanese phone maker, the HTC is a high end smartphone offering with plenty of impressive specifications and features. But in an incredibly competitive Android smartphone market, it is somewhat puzzling that HTC’s latest high profile device will be offered by only three of the Big Four wireless carriers in the United States.