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With Google’s Updated Search App, The User’s Personalized Feed Becomes The Main Screen

Google has recently updated its mobile search app, and it has now allowed users to easily separate what things they are interested in, like news, entertainment, and sports, from the things they need in real life, like info on flights or appointment schedules.

US Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Samsung In Patent Dispute With Apple

The United States Supreme Court has decided in favor of Samsung in its highly publicized patent case against fierce rival Apple. With this ruling, the case has been sent back to a lower court in order to ascertain the amount of damages to be paid.

Fitness Bands Remain Better Sellers Compared To Smartwatches

It is true that wearable devices have become more popular than ever. The relatively recent release of high profile smartwatches have contributed immensely in having consumers talk or develop an increased awareness for wearables. But on closer inspection, it appears that smartwatches are not as big a hit as previously thought. The real best sellers seem to be fitness trackers. 


Top Two Wireless Carriers In The US Questioned Over Zero-Rated Data Offerings

According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sent letters of warning to industry leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T, saying that their respective zero rated data offerings could cause unfair competition and bring harm to mobile users.

iHeartRadio Launches Beta Versions Of New On-Demand Music Plans

Some time earlier this year, iHeartRadio had revealed its plans of offering new paid subscription services for on-demand music. Well, the web radio platform has made good on its promise, launching beta versions of its latest music plans. The cheapest plan is called iHeartRadio Plus and it is priced at $4.99 a month. With this plan, subscribers can choose to listen to the radio as usual, but if they hear a particular tune they like, they are now given the opportunity to replay that song instantly.

Your Guide To AT&T’s New Streaming Services

If you have not heard already, AT&T has just officially launched a trio of new streaming services, namely DirecTV Now, Fullscreen, and FreeView, and all these can be streamed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as on other gadgets such as computers and smart TVs. Scroll down below for a quick guide on each new service


DirecTV Now


Projected Smartphone Sales Growth For 2016 Only At 0.6 Percent

Market research firm IDC has published its latest projections for 2016, and it appears that this year will end having accumulated smartphone shipments of around 1.45 billion units around the world. However, this volume only represents a 0.6 percent improvement over last year’s numbers, indicating a massive decrease from the 10.4 percent growth rate the global smartphone industry registered between 2014 and 2015. 


NHTSA Proposes Driver Mode For Smartphones To Reduce Accidents

Drivers of today already make use of interfaces such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that allow their smartphones to be paired with the vehicles they are driving. Moreover, these interfaces already do a neat job of shutting off features that might cause distractions for those behind the wheel.

Pokemon Go Gets Updated With Tracking System And New Creature

Pokemon Go is a phenomenally cool mobile game and all, but few would say that its tracking system was world class. Some even claim that third party trackers actually do a better job compared to the app’s own system. What was worse was that the creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, kept shutting third party systems. And with no decent trackers, some mobile users began losing interest in playing the game.


Facebook Testing Feature That Allows Users To Detect Free Wi-Fi

Facebook has already started testing a feature that will help its users spot places where they can enjoy access to a free Wi-Fi connection. As a matter of fact, this new feature is actually being rolled out in a few countries around the world, especially among iOS powered devices that have the social media giant’s app installed.