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iPhone 7 Devices Selling Well, But Not Effective In Converting Android Users

As expected, the latest iPhone models -- the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus -- emerged victors after the busy holiday shopping season.

Are Carriers Focusing More On Family Plans, While Targeting Single-Line Users Via Prepaid?

There is a growing trend wherein mobile operators in the United States appear to be putting more attention to polishing their respective family plans. At the same time, carriers seem to increasingly turning to prepaid options as a means for attracting customers, especially those with just one line of service. 


Vine Officially Relaunched As New Vine Camera App

The Vine that was relaunched recently is no longer the Vine we know. 


Why Are People Obsessed With Taking Selfies?

One could be forgiven for thinking that taking a selfie is now the most common (or most annoying) form of self expression. It may be quick for us to silently judge that gal on the train taking a selfie, but lest we forget, we are guilty of it, too, or most of us anyway. But why do we like taking selfies in the first place? Are we just narcissistically just showing off, or is there more to it?


FBI Releases Documents On How It Hacked iPhone Connected To San Bernardino Shooting

In March of last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that it has successfully hacked the iPhone used by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino shooting in 2015. The agency, however, never really disclosed completely how exactly it was able to unlock the smartphone unit under investigation. 


The iPhone At 10: How Apple’s Smartphone Changed The Mobile Landscape Forever

In 2007, Apple introduced this little thing called the iPhone, and went on to change the mobile industry as we know it in the decade since. Ten years ago, the mobile world was vastly different -- Nokia was the number one brand, through the strength of its wide range of cellular phone devices. People actually listen to music using a non-smartphone gadget. And Windows Vista was, like, a big thing.


Subway Stations Around The Big Apple Will Soon Have Cellular Coverage

During the holidays, officials in New York had promised that all underground subway train stations in the city would have cellular coverage by the start of the new year. Well, train riding mobile users of the Big Apple will be delighted to know that there is some significant progress just barely a week into 2017.

Nielsen Report: On-Demand Music Streaming Increased To 38 Percent Of Total Listening In 2016

Music streaming services managed to register a very significant growth in 2016. According to a report published by Nielsen Music just this week, music streaming surpassed digital sales of music for the first time in the United States market. This is another proof that consumers, especially mobile users, are steadily veering away from consuming music by way of digital downloads, from service providers such as Apple’s iTunes, and turning instead to music streaming service providers.

AT&T Planning To Conduct 5G Video Trial with DirecTV Now in Austin, Texas

AT&T has announced its plans to launch a trial in Austin, the capital of the state of Texas, starting in the first six months of this year. This planned trial will have customers based in the city stream DirecTV Now video content by way of a fixed wireless 5G network set up by the major US wireless carrier. 


Meizu Inks Licensing Deal With Qualcomm

It has not always been a bed of roses for American tech giants when trying to do business in China. Qualcomm is no exception to this. About a couple of years ago, the chip maker giant was slapped with a fine amounting to close to a billion dollars after it was found to be in violation of Chinese antitrust regulations.