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New Emoji To Debut This Summer

Emojipedia, the online directory for every emoji existing today, has recently published a complete list of mock up images for the 69 new graphics and symbols that are set to land on mobile devices some time in June of this year. To be perfectly clear about everything, the official designs of pictograms included in Emoji 5.0 will still undergo a finalization process, which means that the proposed designs may still change along the way.

How Parents Can Deal With Their Teenage Kids’ Addiction To Smartphones And Internet

According to Common Sense Media, teenage kids these days spend an average of six and a half hours every day busy with their mobile devices. Furthermore, teens apparently spend nearly nine hours daily devouring all types of media (internet, movies, music, and video games), and that does not account for media consumption related to school or for homework.


A Guide To The US Laptop Flight Ban

A laptop ban will soon be applied to flights from specific countries from the Middle East. This is not expected to be as hot a topic as other recent travel restrictions imposed by the United States, but it will still cause some hassle especially for frequent flyers and business travelers. In order to deal with this, it might help to get the basics.


ComiXology’s Guided View Now Available On Amazon’s Kindle App For iOS

The digital comics reading experience has gotten an immense boost through the Guided View feature developed by ComiXology. The feature is primarily designed to be used on smartphones and tablet devices, basically letting readers browse comics content panel by panel, which is really cool because that is how people read comics in real life. 


Ways In Which Spotify Is Becoming A Threat To Record Labels

For the longest time, record labels have forced Spotify to pay 70 percent (or more) of its revenue for royalties, and anytime they want, these same record labels could increase the pricing and Spotify will not be able to do anything about it. Almost a decade ago upon its debut, Spotify had no leverage because, well, at that time, it was nobody. In its first few years, it had to raise more than $180 million in order to pay the ridiculous upfront advance on royalty payments that labels were demanding. Moreover, Spotify had to sell the record companies equity.


Introducing Family Link: Google’s Parental Control Software For Android

Google has officially announced the existence of Family Link, which is an application that parents can use in setting up their child’s first ever Google account, plus take full advantage of several parental controls that not only can monitor screen time, but also establish daily limits, bedtime limits, and select which apps their kid can access.


Lowe’s Stores Testing Google Tango Tech To Map Supermarket Interiors And Items

Home improvement retail giant Lowe’s is beginning to take full advantage of Google’s Tango in mapping its store’s shelves and even the items being displayed on them. The company is now deploying an augmented reality app that tells its customer where to find the exact item they are looking for.


Report: Smartwatch Market To Improve 18 Percent In 2017

According to a recent report released by Canalys, the global market for smartwatch devices will improve 18 percent in 2017 to $10 billion, which suggests that it might be high time for traditional watch manufacturers to join in on the smartwatch fun.

Pandora Premium Now Comes With On-Demand Streaming For $9.99 Per Month

Here is some good news for music aficionados -- Pandora’s Premium tier now has on-demand streaming for a price of $9.99 per month. What this means is that apart from allowing subscribers to listen to any recommended tracks from Pandora, customers can also select the music they actually want to listen to.

US Senator Preparing Bill That Would Require Border Phone Searches To Have A Warrant

The instances of border phone searches are increasing. As a matter of fact, Homeland Security has disclosed that such searches conducted by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has grown from less than 5,000 in the entirety of the year 2015, to 5,000 in the last month alone. For those who think this trend is getting out of hand, there may be some bit of good news.