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NBA League Pass Launches Mobile View

NBA League Pass allows consumers to live stream every NBA game for as long as they pay the $199.99 subscription (for every team; one team costs $119.99). Through NBA League Pass, basketball fans basically get to watch games on most connected devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet device, or a smart TV. But as good as NBA League Pass, it does not really distinguish between those who watch games on TV or those who watch games via mobile.

SoundShare’s New iMessage App Allows Users To Send Entire Songs Via Text

Music-centric social media platform SoundShare has a new iMessage app that will allow mobile users to share whole songs to friends by way of text message. SoundShare’s service is not the first of its kind, of course, with a number of similar features already existing ever since the debut of the iMessage App Store. For instance, Apple Music has its own iMessage app, and music streaming service provider Pandora also deployed a similar service earlier this month. 


US Mobile Users More Happy With High-End Handsets, Per JD Power Study

According to a new study conducted by marketing firm JD Power, it turns out that Samsung’s smartphone devices rank the highest in terms of providing overall satisfaction among subscribers of major US wireless carriers AT&T and Sprint.

AT&T Announces Pricing Details For New Cuba Roaming Options

About a couple of months ago, we reported that major US mobile operator AT&T had inked a new deal that would let it offer cheaper roaming options for subscribers planning to visit Cuba. Just recently, the second biggest wireless carrier in the United States has decided to publish the pricing details for its new roaming options for the island nation. 


Qualcomm’s Upcoming Snapdragon 830 Chip Capable Of Download Speeds Of Up To 1 Gbps

During the 4G/5G Summit held in Hong Kong, Qualcomm announced that its upcoming processor, the Snapdragon 830 chip, will be equipped with the chip maker’s X16 LTE modem, which will let mobile devices achieve download speeds of up to 1 gbps. The company did, however, qualify that to date, only a little more than two thirds of mobile operators across the globe can implement such download speeds. Then of course, there is the issue of data caps -- what is the use of having ultra fast download speeds when all it does is let the mobile user go beyond his data allowance on any given month. 

Pinterest Reaches 150 Million Monthly Users

Pinterest has announced that it has reached 150 million in terms of the volume of monthly active users. This number is definitely an improvement over the 100 million it projected more than a year ago. But as pointed out by a report published by TechCrunch, the 150 million is just short of the 151 million actual target (per leaked documents obtained by TechCrunch).


Startup Launches New On-Demand Life Coaching Via Text Service

A startup firm called Shine has decided to deploy a new service that sends on-demand life coaching tips to users via text message. The Shinevisor service is being introduced by the company as a paid tier to its free, daily text messaging service. While most companies out there are rolling out chatbots and SMS based concierge services designed to get people to purchase products and services, it is refreshing to find a company that actually wants to help people become better versions of themselves.

Pandora Launches New Pandora Plus Tier, And Redesigned Logo

Pandora has just recently launched its own new paid tier called Pandora Plus, and for good measure, the music streaming company also took the opportunity to debut a new redesigned brand logo. It may just be coincidence, but it bears noting that Amazon has also recently introduced its new on demand music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited.


With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Gone, Can Other Android Phablets Step Up?

Just recently, Samsung has decided, once and for all, to completely and permanently stop all production and sales of its latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 7.

Farewell, Free iPhone 7 Deals

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes those free iPhone 7 special offers for mobile users who were willing to trade in their old iPhone model.