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Fortune: Apple Is This Year’s Most Admired Company In The World

Fortune has recently published its latest list of the most admired companies across the globe, and like how it fared last year, Apple comfortably owns the number one spot. It is interesting to note that the last twelve months have not been smooth sailing for the tech giant.

BlackBerry Files Lawsuit Against Nokia Over Patents

According to a report published by Bloomberg, BlackBerry is apparently suing Nokia, claiming that the Finnish phone brand is in violation of as many as 11 of BlackBerry’s patents in various offerings to major US mobile operators such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

Why Do We Like Taking Selfies, But Can’t Stand Other People Taking Selfies?

There is actually a term for that -- selfie paradox. And it is coined by Sarah Diefenbach, a psychology professor who, along with colleague Lara Christoforakos, recently endeavored to learn more about why today’s mobile users are taking more selfies than ever, while at the same time, admitting that maybe taking selfies is kinda overrated.


Facebook Deploys Weather App (Quietly)

It turns out that the world’s most popular social media platform has decided to start rolling out (albeit quietly) a full weather forecast feature within its main mobile app and its desktop site. This new addition to Facebook can be accessed easily from News Feed or the app’s More menu, that part that takes you to Friends, Events, Groups, and Pages, among many others. Users can get a full week’s forecast within the weather section, with weather information courtesy of According to Facebook, the new feature is actually an updated version of its weather greetings.

Apple Vs. Samsung Case Heading Back To District Court

The highly publicized case between two of the biggest phone makers in the world (Apple and Samsung) is headed back to where it all began -- the district court of the city of San Jose in the state of California.

Google’s AMP Now Lets User View, Copy, And Share A Publisher’s Own Links

This week, Google has started deploying an update to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), now allowing users to view, copy, and even share the publisher’s own links, instead of the AMP URL. Apparently, some publishers have complained to Google that their traffic was reduced because of the changing of their own URLs to those that had Google in the name when being optimized for easier viewing on mobile devices. 


FCC Stops Inquiries On Zero-Rated Data

Earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission had released a report on zero rated data services, stating that while these types of offerings are not necessarily in violation of net neutrality rules, the ones offered by the top two wireless carriers in America (namely, Verizon Wireless’ Go90 and

Let The 5G Spectrum Wars Begin

Just this week, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Google, and Dish Network all revealed their separate plans to acquire or roll out high band spectrum assets that many industry watchers expect will serve as the backbone in providing 5G wireless services.

Roaming Fees Will Soon Be No More In Europe This Coming Summer

Mobile users who are based in countries belonging to the European Union (EU) may now start bidding their goodbyes to roaming charges. That is because Europe’s executive body, parliament, and representatives of the 28 Member States have finally come to terms regarding a deal on wholesale charges, i.e. the prices wireless carriers can charge each other when letting users from rival networks roam across different providers. 


Nexus 6, Nexus 9 Will Not Get Android 7.1.2 Update

Progress is not always a bad thing, and should be for the benefit of everyone. But in the age of mobile devices, especially with regards to software updates, it is all but inevitable that some smartphone models will be left behind in getting the latest versions of operating systems.