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The Upcoming Galaxy S8: Samsung’s Best Hope In Forgetting Last Year’s Disaster

Noted leaker Evan Blass has recently served a new leaked image of Samsung’s highly awaited flagship device for this year, the Galaxy S8, and it appears that it is the real deal. Phone makers would normally want to save every last detail before unveiling their best mobile products, but for Samsung, it probably would not mind the extra hype for its latest smartphone offering.


Samsung Still Clueless As To Why Its Galaxy Note 7 Overheated

The biggest smartphone vendor in the world is still at a loss as to how and why its Galaxy Note 7 suffered overheating and exploding issues -- Samsung admitted as much during a shareholder meeting held recently this week. And because it can not ascertain the cause of its phablet’s problems, for sure, it may not be able to offer a solution soon.


Samsung Now Working With CPSC In Galaxy Note 7 Recall

About a week ago, Samsung decided to recall every unit that has been sold of its latest phablet offering, the Galaxy Note 7, due to reported claims (at least 35 separate cases) of overheating and even exploding battery issues. Some however pointed out that the decision by the South Korean tech giant to voluntarily recall the Galaxy Note 7 may not be enough because apparently, some units are still being displayed in store shelves.

A Guide To Samsung’s Recall Of Its Galaxy Note 7

It is official -- Samsung has decided to recall its newest phablet, the Galaxy Note 7, due to issues related to batteries. Reports from affected Galaxy Note 7 owners have varied from overheating to catching fire and even exploding, but whatever the cause, the South Korean mobile giant is choosing not to take any chances. So if you happen to own a Galaxy Note 7, whether your unit is malfunctioning or not, here is a guide to returning your device.

Samsung Galaxy On5, Galaxy Tab E Now On T-Mobile

T-Mobile has teamed up with Samsung in order to debut a couple of new Galaxy mobile devices -- the Galaxy On5 smartphone and the Galaxy Tab E tablet. Both devices come with budget friendly prices, and should help in giving subscribers of T-Mobile a more expanded range of device choices that are affordable. 


Here Comes Samsung Music -- But It’s Still In Beta

Samsung is offering yet another native mobile app, and as a matter of fact, has already listed it on the Google Play Store. The Samsung Music app has now been made available by the South Korean tech giant on the Play Store. But it should be noted though that the mobile app is still in beta, which may be a bummer to some. However, it does make it easier for Samsung to launch updates to individual apps without needing to deploy new updates to the whole software. 


Sprint Reaches 300 Mbps Speeds Using Samsung’s Galaxy S7

Sprint has revealed that it has managed to reach speeds of over 300 mbps using Samsung’s newest flagship device, the Galaxy S7, which is one of the first smartphones currently made available in the ma

TextNow Wireless Debuts Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, International Calling

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) TextNow Wireless presents a couple of treats for its customers. Firstly, the wireless carrier is now selling one of Samsung’s flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 Edge, for a price of only $299.99 refurbished. And secondly, the mobile service provider is also launching its free international calling service.


Court Orders Samsung To Stop Selling Devices In Violation Of Apple Patents

But wait -- these banned devices are not actually available in the market anymore -- well, mostly.  United States District Judge Lucy Koh has decided that Samsung will not be allowed to sell specific models of its smartphones in the US. These handsets were found to be infringing on patents owned by rival phone maker Apple, who had filed for a motion for permanent injunction against a certain number of Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Continues To Recover In Final Quarter Of 2015 Despite Missing Expectations

Samsung has published its financial projections for the last quarter of 2015, and it appears that the South Korean tech giant is still continuing to recover. However, its latest numbers did not do well enough to meet expectations set by industry analysts. In its report, the company stated that it is expecting to post a profit in the amount of $5.1 billion on total revenues of $44 billion for the final three months of 2015.