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Has Sprint Ended Its Leasing Program For Android Phones?

Apparently so, at least according to mobile market research firm Wave7 Research and then later reported by Fierce Wireless. The fourth biggest wireless carrier in America appeared to have began ending its leasing program for mobile devices that run on Google’s Android mobile operating system as recently as a few days ago.

Introducing Google Trips: Your Own Customized Travel Planner

Google has just debuted a new mobile app offering called Google Trips, and it is designed to help users better plan their vacation trips. What the app (it is made available for Android and iOS mobile users) does is collate data from various sources, including Google’s own Google Maps as well as crowdsourced suggestions and feedback from other users, especially those who have traveled to the places you are planning to visit.

Hack A Nexus 6P Or Nexus 5X And Win $200,000

Google has just announced the launch of its Project Zero Security Contest, which aims to give generous cash prizes to anybody who can successfully hack two of the tech giant’s Nexus devices, namely the Nexus 6P (made by Huawei) and the Nexus 5X (built by

Samsung Now Working With CPSC In Galaxy Note 7 Recall

About a week ago, Samsung decided to recall every unit that has been sold of its latest phablet offering, the Galaxy Note 7, due to reported claims (at least 35 separate cases) of overheating and even exploding battery issues. Some however pointed out that the decision by the South Korean tech giant to voluntarily recall the Galaxy Note 7 may not be enough because apparently, some units are still being displayed in store shelves.

Sony Announces Xperia XZ And Xperia X Compact Smartphones

At this year’s IFA tech trade show held in the city of Berlin in Germany, Sony took the opportunity to officially announce not one, but a couple of new additions to its current Xperia lineup of smartphones. The Japanese tech giant’s latest offerings include the Xperia XZ handset and a small smartphone offering called the Xperia X Compact.


Introducing The Moto Z Play: The Newest Addition To The Moto Z Family

Motorola has definitely been busy with its Moto Z lineup of products. It has only been slightly more than a month since the phone maker released its Moto Z and Moto Z Force devices in the United States mobile market, and now it is introducing a new addition to this smartphone family.

Walgreens Becomes First Retail Store To Directly Integrate Rewards Points With Android Pay

Members of Walgreens Balance Rewards are now able to easily apply their loyalty account at checkout by way of Google’s mobile payment system, Android Pay. By becoming the first retail store to directly integrate loyalty points with the contactless mode of payment, Walgreens provides its more than 85 million active members of Walgreens Balance Rewards access to Android Pay, which could serve as a fast, easy, and safe means for members to earn and make use of loyalty points in-store.

Apple Music Now Available For Android Mobile Users

Since November of last year, a test version of Apple Music for the Android mobile operating system had been made available. But it appears that Apple is now ready to roll out its music streaming subscription service to Android mobile users around the world, with the arrival of the Apple Music app for Android in the Google Play store this week.


Here Comes Samsung’s Newest Phablet, The Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s newest addition to its Galaxy Note lineup of smartphones has been officially introduced.

Here Comes Family Library: A Way For Groups To Share Stuff They Bought From Google Play

Google has officially launched Family Library, basically a program that lets groups of people (maximum number of six people) to share things they purchased from Google Play across various handsets.