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With Google’s Updated Search App, The User’s Personalized Feed Becomes The Main Screen

Google has recently updated its mobile search app, and it has now allowed users to easily separate what things they are interested in, like news, entertainment, and sports, from the things they need in real life, like info on flights or appointment schedules.

9 Out Of Ten Owners Of Samsung Devices Likely To Give The Brand Another Shot

Despite the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7, it appears that a vast majority of existing owners of Samsung mobile devices still want to purchase a handset from the South Korean tech giant in the future, at least according to the results of a recent survey conducted by

Google Rolling Out New Features For Its Allo Messaging App

As stated by Google when it revealed the newest features of Google Allo, its messaging app, it turns out that people only use 3 percent of all emoji existing today. In other words, the remaining 97 percent of all emoji are all but underused.

Google Releases Major Update For Android Auto

A few months ago, Google announced that it was planning to launch its Android Auto smartphone interface for vehicles as a stand alone Android mobile app. Through this approach, the tech giant was basically promising that Android Auto would be made available to every car. Well, Google has made good on its promise, releasing a major update to the Android Auto app. Through this latest update, users can now experience all the advantages of Android Auto even if their vehicle is not necessarily compatible with the platform.


Samsung Still Clueless As To Why Its Galaxy Note 7 Overheated

The biggest smartphone vendor in the world is still at a loss as to how and why its Galaxy Note 7 suffered overheating and exploding issues -- Samsung admitted as much during a shareholder meeting held recently this week. And because it can not ascertain the cause of its phablet’s problems, for sure, it may not be able to offer a solution soon.


Readfeed Graduates From Google’s Early Access Program, Now Available In Google Play Store

Readfeed is a mobile app designed to assist book enthusiasts in sharing and talking about their favorite books.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Gone, Can Other Android Phablets Step Up?

Just recently, Samsung has decided, once and for all, to completely and permanently stop all production and sales of its latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 7.

Your Guide To Everything Google Unveiled At Its Pixel Event

Google finally held its highly anticipated event and let us just say that there is plenty to be excited about. The highlight of course is the company’s unveiling of its new Pixel smartphones, but apart from that, the tech giant also debuted some other cool stuff. So without further ado, here are the cool things you should check out.


The Pixel and the Pixel XL Smartphones


Free Wi-Fi On Your Bus Coming Soon, Courtesy Of Google

Recently this week, Google has officially announced its Google Stations project, with the objective of delivering free Wi-Fi connections inside trains and buses across the globe. The tech giant has actually began this movement (or something like it) last year when it started bringing free Internet service to train and bus stations in India. Moving forward though, Google is envisioning country in the world to have a similar experience.


Has Sprint Ended Its Leasing Program For Android Phones?

Apparently so, at least according to mobile market research firm Wave7 Research and then later reported by Fierce Wireless. The fourth biggest wireless carrier in America appeared to have began ending its leasing program for mobile devices that run on Google’s Android mobile operating system as recently as a few days ago.