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Tello Enters The MVNO Market With “No Fees, Whatsoever” Mobile Service Offering

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is already a very competitive one, but with the arrival of Tello, the competition is sure to go up a notch. So how will this new mobile carrier be able to manage? Well, it turns out Tello has plenty up its sleeve, starting with a “No Fees, Whatsoever” branding that just might attract throngs of mobile users eager to sign up for even more affordable wireless plan options.


Vivo Unveils The V5 Plus And V5 Lite

Vivo took the opportunity to officially introduce a couple of new smartphone offerings -- the V5 Plus and the V5 Lite. Perhaps the most attractive attribute of the more high end V5 Plus is the dual camera configuration on its front side, while the V5 Lite is basically a low end option that belongs to the V5 lineup of handsets.


iPhone 7 Devices Selling Well, But Not Effective In Converting Android Users

As expected, the latest iPhone models -- the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus -- emerged victors after the busy holiday shopping season.

Are Carriers Focusing More On Family Plans, While Targeting Single-Line Users Via Prepaid?

There is a growing trend wherein mobile operators in the United States appear to be putting more attention to polishing their respective family plans. At the same time, carriers seem to increasingly turning to prepaid options as a means for attracting customers, especially those with just one line of service. 


Vine Officially Relaunched As New Vine Camera App

The Vine that was relaunched recently is no longer the Vine we know. 


Why Are People Obsessed With Taking Selfies?

One could be forgiven for thinking that taking a selfie is now the most common (or most annoying) form of self expression. It may be quick for us to silently judge that gal on the train taking a selfie, but lest we forget, we are guilty of it, too, or most of us anyway. But why do we like taking selfies in the first place? Are we just narcissistically just showing off, or is there more to it?


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Uh Oh!

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FCC Issues Report Attacking Zero-Rated Data Offerings From Verizon, AT&T

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently published a report (read the PDF file here) that states that even though zero rated data services generally do not violate net neutrality regulations, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, through their respective offerings, Go90 and DirecTV

Unlimited Data Users Get Thrown A Curveball With Verizon’s, AT&T’s Latest Moves

It is not easy being a subscriber of unlimited data plans, particularly those under Verizon Wireless’ or AT&T’s legacy plans.