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Tello Enters The MVNO Market With “No Fees, Whatsoever” Mobile Service Offering

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is already a very competitive one, but with the arrival of Tello, the competition is sure to go up a notch. So how will this new mobile carrier be able to manage? Well, it turns out Tello has plenty up its sleeve, starting with a “No Fees, Whatsoever” branding that just might attract throngs of mobile users eager to sign up for even more affordable wireless plan options.


Facebook Messenger Adds New Live Location Feature

The messaging platform of the biggest social media network in the world has decided to debut a new feature called Live Location, which basically allows Facebook Messenger users to share for just one hour within a private or group message thread their real time location on a map. The other participants of that message thread will then be able to see an estimate of the time it takes for that user to reach them by car.


This plan may support more phones, click "Purchase this Plan" to view all options

This plan may support more phones, click "Purchase this Plan" to view all options

T-Mobile ONE Prepaid

Call (844) 487-1374

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  • Price:
  • Minutes:
  • Data:
    Unlimited (may be slowed after 30GB of usage per month)
  • Messages:
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About this Plan

The T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Plan is no contract wireless plan for individuals or families offered by T-Mobile. The T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Plan offers unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and unlimited 4G LTE data. Data may be slowed after 30GB of usage per month.

The T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Plan offers:

  • Unlimited calling to & from the USA, Canada, and Mexico
  • Unlimited data & texting both in the United States and internationally in over 140 countries around the world
  • Unlimited data in the United States & internationally in over 140 countries around the world (4G LTE data available in the USA, Canada & Mexico)
  • Videos streamed on the T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Plan are streamed at high-definition
Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

This plan includes unlimited mobile hotspot/tethering at 3G data speeds.

All Taxes and Fees Are Included

The plan price you see includes taxes and fees. The price you see on this site is the price you pay.

Phone Options

There are three options for customers to choose for getting a phone on this plan:

  • Bring Your Own Phone. Customers can bring their own GSM network compatible phone, as long as it is unlocked.
  • Buy a Phone Outright. Customers can buy a new or pre-owned phone from T-Mobile with one payment upfront.
  • Monthly Payments. Customers can pay off their phone over 24 months with an equipment installment plan (credit check required, only available to well-qualified buyers). In some cases, a down payment may be required. If the customer cancels wireless service, then the remaining balance on the phone becomes due. 0% APR O.A.C. for well-qualified buyers, credit check required. Plus taxes and fees. Qualifying service required.
T-Mobile JUMP!

T-Mobile offers a program called JUMP! that offers customers the ability to upgrade to a new device whenever they want with no limits on upgrades and no waiting periods. JUMP! is an optional program and costs either $9 or $12 per month based on the "Tier" of the customer's phone. Customers can upgrade whenever they want after they are enrolled by paying 50% of their device cost to become eligible for upgrades and trade in, and then purchasing a new device with monthly installments at the same pricing as new customers. JUMP! also includes Premium Handset Protection and Mobile Security at no extra charge.

T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand

T-Mobile also offers an optional leasing program called JUMP! On Demand that offers customers the ability to upgrade to a new smartphone up to 3 times per year. Customers can upgrade for $0 upfront and pay zero sales tax if they have qualifying credit, and then pay for the phone over monthly payments after that. To upgrade, customers just need to bring in their current device, demonstrate that it still in good working condition, and then get their new device. If the customer cancels their plan, the remaining balance becomes due and the working phone must be returned.

T-Mobile SCORE!

T-Mobile SCORE! is an optional early upgrade program offered by T-Mobile that allows customers to get a free or less expensive smartphone after just 6 or 12 months. The way it works is the customer purchases a new phone from T-Mobile (or brings their own device), then subscribes to SCORE! for $5/month, then gets a new budget smartphone at no cost after 6 months, or a new flagship smartphone for cheaper after 12 months.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Calling & International Texting

This plan offers unlimited calling to & from the USA, Mexico, and Canada, and unlimited texts from the USA and internationally to 140+ countries.

Data, Text, & Call Coverage Worldwide

This plan offers unlimited data and text messages in over 140 countries around the world at no additional cost. Calling costs 20 cents/minute.

Free In-flight Text Messaging

T-Mobile customers get one hour of free in-flight text messaging per month with Gogo Air.

Satisfaction Guarantee

T-Mobile JUMP! On Demand customers who are not happy can trade in their device and T-Mobile will give them a refund in the first month, or unlock their device at no additional cost, in addition to refunding a full month of service.

WiFi Calling and Texting

T-Mobile offers calling and text messaging over WiFi anywhere in the world.

Smartphone Equality

When customers make on-time payments for 12 months in a row, they can get a new device for $0 down, with no credit check required.

Stateside International Talk

With the Stateside International Talk Add-on, T-Mobile customers get the following features when they call or text from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada:

  • Unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries and to mobile numbers in 30+ countries
  • Unlimited texting to virtually anywhere* at no extra charge
  • Discounted calling rates to all numbers in 200+ countries
Additional Extras

This plan also offers the following features:

  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Visual voice mail
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling
Description Cost Included
Unlimited $0.00 /month Unlimited
US Rates Cost
Domestic Long Distance Rate $0.00
Roaming charges $0.00
Text messages (pay per use) $0.00
Picture/video messages (pay per use) $0.00


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New Emoji To Debut This Summer

Emojipedia, the online directory for every emoji existing today, has recently published a complete list of mock up images for the 69 new graphics and symbols that are set to land on mobile devices some time in June of this year. To be perfectly clear about everything, the official designs of pictograms included in Emoji 5.0 will still undergo a finalization process, which means that the proposed designs may still change along the way.

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How Parents Can Deal With Their Teenage Kids’ Addiction To Smartphones And Internet

According to Common Sense Media, teenage kids these days spend an average of six and a half hours every day busy with their mobile devices. Furthermore, teens apparently spend nearly nine hours daily devouring all types of media (internet, movies, music, and video games), and that does not account for media consumption related to school or for homework.


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A Guide To The US Laptop Flight Ban

A laptop ban will soon be applied to flights from specific countries from the Middle East. This is not expected to be as hot a topic as other recent travel restrictions imposed by the United States, but it will still cause some hassle especially for frequent flyers and business travelers. In order to deal with this, it might help to get the basics.