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About Health Savings Accounts

Authorized by Congress in 2004, a health savings account lets you pay for qualified medical expenses on a pre-tax basis. This lets each of your healthcare dollars go further as you won't be paying income taxes on the money you put in the health savings account. You can also earn interest on health savings account deposits until you need the money for medical expenses.

To have a health savings account, you must get an HSA-eligible health insurance plan. The main criteria of eligible health plans are that they have a high annual deductible (at least $1,000 for individuals, $2,000 for families). High deductible health plans tend to have lower monthly premiums.

If you currently have no health insurance or are spending too much for health insurance, you may want to investigate the health savings account option. Click here for more information, including health savings calculators and the ability to get quotes on HSA-eligible health insurance plans from a number of providers.

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